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Volcano Classic Vaporizer

Volcano Classic Vaporizer

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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

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Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

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The Volcano Digital has been one of the most popular vaporizers on the market for the past decade for a reason. Featuring the high-quality German construction and exceptional vapor quality for which Storz & Bickel are known, the Volcano Digital offers a seamless and satisfying experience. Beneath its unique cone-shaped design lies a powerful convection heating system that minimizes toxins and harmful by-products so the benefits of herb are experienced without the downsides associated with smoking. Hot air is forced through the heater to vaporize herb all while filling a removable balloon bag with pure, clean-tasting vapor. After the balloon is inflated the valve can be completely detached and separated from the device to be enjoyed from anywhere. The balloon allows for vapor storage for up to 8 hours and lasts for 50 to 100 uses. An upgrade to the Volcano Classic, this forced-air desktop unit features a digital control interface with an LED screen displaying temperature.

The Volcano Digital vaporizer provides a prominent fully customized digital temperature LED display which shows temperature rising to your chosen setting in real time. The temperature on the Volcano Digital Vaporizer ranges between 104 and 446 degrees Fahrenheit, providing a number of heating options. Whether you like flavor-rich, smooth hits, robust draws, or anything in between, Volcano Digital allows you to customize your vaping session to your preferences. Precision temperature enables users to pinpoint the best temperature for unlocking the active compounds found in herb without combusting the material. This prevents smokiness or harsh hits and only displays the essential flavors and benefits of herb. This is why medicinal and recreational users have turned to the Volcano Digital vaporizer for a better alternative to smoking.

German engineering makes the Volcano Digital a sturdy, dependable personal vaporizer that’s just as high-performance as it is easy-to-use. A solid stainless steel exterior, uniquely cone-shaped (hence the name Volcano), gives the device a sleek, functional appearance while providing long-lasting protection to the heating system. Firmly planted on a surface, the Volcano Digital will not tip during use as other desktop vaporizers might. Even the control buttons, built solidly into the unit’s frame, do not wiggle or get stuck. All materials used are heat resistant to ensure the best vapor quality and the longest life for the Volcano. A three year warranty stands as a testament to this legendary device’s quality.

Unlike its counterpart, the Volcano Classic, the Digital features an LED screen that displays chosen temperature and current temperature. The “HEAT” button powers the unit on, glowing red when the user activates it, while the “AIR” switch lights up green when pressed, initiating the forced-air system that fills the Easy Valve balloon bag. Once you toggled temperature using the green rubberized “-” and “+” buttons, the Volcano Digital will begin heating. The orange “CONTROL” button will glow as the unit heats up, turning off once the Volcano Digital has reached your chosen temperature. The real time temperature is displayed in red numerals, increasing instaneously by the degree as the heat rises. The chosen temperature is displayed in green.

Rather than heat herb against the hot surfaces of a chamber, Volcano Digital features convection heating that forces hot air into the chamber to vaporize material without burning it. As the forced-air system propels heated air through the vapor path, the high-grade metal, 100 watt heater extracts the essential flavors, aromas, and effects from herb with minimal combustion. The result is smoother, cleaner, and more potent hits. Research shows that vapor produced by the Volcano Digital vaporizer consists of 95% cannabinoids, owing to the combustionless nature of its heating system. This well-respected desktop unit has become a popular alternative to smoking for medicinal and recreational users alike. With fewer toxins and smoother hits, Volcano Digital allows users to enjoy the benefits of dry herb, and experience its true tastes and scents with no unwanted flavors and odors.

The Volcano Easy Valve Set features an easy-to-use valve that’s already connected to the balloon-bag so all you need to do is slip it onto the vapor outlet of the Easy Valve Filling Chamber. The Easy Valve doubles as a handle and mouthpiece for the balloon-bag, and features a high grade plastic bag that holds vapor for hours. The Easy Valve Set comes with 5 Easy Valves with balloon-bags, each of which lasts months before a replacement is needed. Easy to fill up and share, the Volcano Digital Vaporizer with Easy Valve Set is ideal for dry herb users who want a quick, hassle-free vaping experience.  

Storz and Bickel has been a pioneer in the vaping industry since the release of their first Volcano Vaporizer in 2000. Always devoted to perfecting their craft, the company has actively developed the Volcano for over 15 years, notably with the release of the Volcano Digital in 2007. Constructed using precision German Engineering, this unit features the highest quality materials, design, and usability, which all reflect in its legendary vapor production. Storz and Bickel craftsmen meet the highest manufacturing standards, monitoring every individual unit at each stage of production with a final quality control check before shipment.

The Volcano vaporizer has remained one of the most popular vaporizers in the industry for over a decade, a testament to its value. Exceptional build quality, vapor production, and usability are the essentials of vaporization, and this device carries them out beautifully. That’s why Volcano Digital was met with praise when it first entered the market and then went international, earning the company prestigious prizes like the Cannabis Cup. Since first launching, Storz & Bickel has focused for 12 years on perfecting the convection heating system of the Volcano, earning their flagship device a medical grade certification in 2009.

30 reviews for Volcano Digital Vaporizer

  1. J.cale

    “different temp settings = different vaping experience.

    Guys, if you are not toggling the temperature setting then you are missing out on a lot.”

  2. Belovedmyjohn

    I borrowed this product from a friend of mine and was thinking of upgrading from bubblers. I ignored the price for once, ok I can wait for the system to turn on not an issue only 30-40 seconds. but the vape in the balloon is not hot enough as it should be. I am a bit disappointed with that. It just doesn’t satisfy, plus the material used is way too much for me.

  3. Dave.M.Greens

    The best thing is it doesn’t taste like burned popcorn at high temperatures like some of the other vapes in the market do. Yes, it’s true that flavor comes the best at medium-low temperatures. Provides an overall great vaping experience.

  4. Kyle martin

    I usually do not make an effort to come all the way and write a review, but had to write on this one. This device is just bang on. I have found 220 degrees works best for me, brings in the most flavor and the vape quality is dense too. It turns off automatically after 20 minutes of idle time. I can take the bag off once it’s filled up and finish it up while gaming or just could take it out on the porch and have it with a cup of coffee with Dylan’s Nashville skyline in the record player.

  5. Gary Wilson

    I prefer the easy valve system, I use the bag 130-150 times and then discard the valve and the bag, and get the new one. No more cleaning pieces and changing bags.

  6. Edward

    Volcano digital is a fully customizable unit, I got both easy valve and solid valve in my starter pack, which I use for different vape quantities. I tell you, it takes a little while to fully understand how this unit works but it provides a versatile vaping experience if you toggle a few temperature settings. Now I have understood how to extract the full flavor using minimum quantities of the material. It’s best on low temp. Set it on around 170 and use the easy valve as it takes a lesser quantity of herb and utilizes the full flavor.

  7. Steven Hernandez

    Thumbs up from me to Stortz n Bickel. I bought a volcano classic in I guess, 2002, must have used it for more than 10 years before just upgrading(received yesterday). The volcano is no doubt a solidly built unit, these are just unbreakable. Looking forward to exploring new features of the digital vape and intend to keep it scratchless.

  8. Paul Rodriguez

    Its convection system is much more efficient than the previous version. Heats up pretty quickly in 30-40 seconds, while the classic model took almost 5minutes.

  9. larryAnderson

    I never have had such a vaping experience. This flavor is far fetched by any pocket vapes or bubbler. Provide rich taste and I like that the balloon can be inhaled within minutes after it’s filled up. So yep, I can lay back after 2-3 hits and then pick the bag again, no pressure. Yes, it’s a bit extra on the pocket but nothing like it.

  10. dale.S

    Never was a fan of low-temperature vapes, but this unit set a different mark for me. It’s like I never knew how these colored nugs taste like. 170 degrees is the magic number. Yes, the vape density is light but the flavor is super-rich. Must try.

  11. billyJones

    Received my order 4 days ago but still not able to get the quality it says in the description. Takes a longer time to fill the whole balloon thing and the whip is not hot as it should be. It’s not fun, not worth the price.

  12. Joseph

    They took almost 7years to release the new model and the product is totally worth the wait. Definitely an upgrade in terms of onset time and vape quality, however, I like the analog knob in classic more but nevermind.

  13. leoDavis

    “Oh, this one takes a little time, you know, firstly wait for the unit to start, then wait for the material to burn and then the balloon will fill up and then ……………………
    Then you get the richest flavor that you just cannot get in burning cones or pocket vapes. True that it takes almost twice the material I would use otherwise but nothing beats the Quality.”

  14. phillipBrown

    I know I am not the only one who was waiting for an upgrade from the classic volcano vape, which I have used for 4years I guess. Classic is a great desktop unit solid build and I could use it forever if I was still living in my granny’s country house. However, this one is better in 3 ways, heats up fast, value has proper insulation, so easy on the lips, and vape quality is just better. So I’ll totally vote for digital not because of the new screen and temperature control buttons, but for actually being a superior model. Great upgrade.

  15. dennisMiller

    “This is my first desktop vaporizer
    I ordered this vaporizer last week and been trying to toggle the features. I set it around 170 degrees the vape quality didn’t come as thick as I expected, yes flavor was good no doubt. But then I set the temp. To 210 degrees, it did produce a thicker cloud, which was amazing, to be honest. But, in these two hits, I consumed 4-5 gms, and that’s a lot for two hits, I realized this isn’t for regular use and I have been using too much of the dry herb. I believe they should mention this in the box.”

  16. richardJohnson

    At last bit the bullet last week and ordered this one, have been wanting to get a volcano vaporizer for ages. Ture that it’s a bit pricey but yes vape quality is top class. Temperature settings allow me to customize the unit as I need and the balloon takes the whole experience to next level. 1 hit and I am set for hours.

  17. Cupcake_mary

    This desktop vape is a beast. The vape consistency is superb. It’s true that 1 hit sets you right for 2-3 hours, I noticed that it consumes the product a little too quickly. But yes for quality nothing beats it.

  18. johnM

    This desktop vape is a beast. The vape consistency is superb. It’s true that 1 hit sets you right for 2-3 hours, I noticed that it consumes the product a little too quickly. But yes for quality nothing beats it.

  19. Phantom 669

    Provides a rich flavor like no other vape I have tried. It heats up pretty quickly and goes from 0-250 degrees under 30 seconds. Of course, it’s vape quality is unmatchable but I like that it allows you to set a shut off time, as sometimes you forget to turn the unit off. However, the app feature isn’t much practical as it’s much easier to operate it through the buttons on the unit. I still am not sure if the extra $120 is worth the upgrade from classic for me, as it works just the same as the classic version, for that, I am taking 1ne star off, otherwise A-class unit.

  20. James Smith

    I always wanted to buy a desktop vape and the volcano series has been on the top of my list. Finally received it last week, this new model is a mighty design that provides proper temperature customization. I am a fan of low-temperature hits as they are smooth on the lungs. But the bags impressed me the best, the cloud consistency surpassed my expectation. Great unit.

  21. Marlyandme

    I finally have arrived on cloud9 after trying out dummy vaporizers for years. Volcano digital is the real deal. I did my research and it is just similar to the hybrid model which has just a few extra features. But I can do without them and is a$100 cheaper. This model has an important upgrade from the previous, model and provides much better temperature control for accurate and close to perfect hits.

  22. Aubrielle Fox

    Highest quality product. Provides pure vaping experience without interfering with the flavor. Loved it.

  23. Latisha Miller

    It is efficient, powerful, and tastes amazing. Definitely one of the best I have ever tried. I have been using it for over a year now and still couldn’t find a thing that I dislike about this device.

  24. Tina Farmer

    Bought the Volcano Digital vaporizer a month back. It is a perfect upgrade of its classic version. A true vaping experience I am having with it. Totally worthed.

  25. Joan Jimenez

    Vapes are great received my first Volcano. I love it! Truly madly deeply love it! I received it earlier than expected. Thanks

  26. Lisa Spencer

    There is so much good about this vaporizer. the battery life is good, flavor remains consistent and it feels quite premium as well. A true vaping experience.

  27. Lopez

    I just ordered one of these. I bought PAX 3 from them a month back and it was quite good. The delivery was also on time. Overall I had a pleasant experience with them.

  28. Joan Russ

    This device is so very good. I had my friends try it last week and they too loved it. The hit is smooth and the flavors remain consistent.

  29. Lisa Spencer

    There is so much good about this vaporizer. I really love it. Volcano is amazing, everyone knows that. I used to have a classic but I lost it while moving to my new house. So, this time I decided to get the digital one and it has been just as amazing as I thought it would be.

  30. Jacquiline Cuevas

    I received my Volcano about a week ago…It was worth it. I kid you not it is really amazing. From the packaging to the design of the unit is next level. Temperature control and heating is excellent. Totally love it!

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