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Volcano Digital Vaporizer

Volcano Digital Vaporizer

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White Label CBD Oral Tincture – 11,700 MG CBD

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White Label CBD Oral Tincture – 11,700mg CBD

Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

$719.99 $699.00

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The Volcano Hybrid vaporizer is the latest innovation from Storz & Bickel. A new dual-inhalation system allows users to enjoy vapor with a classic balloon bag or whip delivery system. Taking the place of the Volcano Digit, the Hybrid features a heat-up time that is 10 times faster, improved airflow, and a newly designed app for total control over your sessions.

The newly added hybrid inhalation system brings together Storz & Bickel’s balloon and classic whip-style inhalation. For those who want to enjoy the balloon delivery method, simply fill the balloon with the built-in air pump. Those who prefer whip-style vapor can expect resistance-free, silent draws directly from the Volcano Hybrid’s heating chamber.

Volcano vaporizers have always been known for their elite flavor production, and the new whip-style system manages to improve the flavor experience. By drawing directly from the heating chamber, vapor is delivered at a faster rate.

Instead of heating your material directly on the hot surface of the chamber, the Volcano Hybrid uses Storz & Bickel’s elite convection heating system. Air is propelled through the vapor path by a 100-watt heater that extracts the essential flavors of your dry herb without combustion. Convection heating is much smoother than conduction as the risk of combustion is essentially zero. Users will appreciate the smooth vapor of the Volcano Hybrid as it is free of unwanted tastes or odors.

The Volcano Hybrid utilizes simple “+

59 reviews for Volcano Hybrid Vaporizer

  1. Jr. Smith

    Volcano hybrid is a 10/10 product. It’s a powerhouse and is a much superior upgrade from the classic model. It heats up much faster in just 30 seconds while classic took around 5 mins. Not only that the vape quality is far far better on the same temperature settings. Until I had that version, I thought that nothing can beat this one but of course, its superior model did. Glad that the title still is with the volcano series.

  2. Ethan Jones

    Was confused about whether to buy hybrid or digital. Went along with hybrid only but to be honest, I don’t think there’s any difference in the vape quality of both, yes it has a Bluetooth smart app that comes along but I don’t know why would anyone nee that, it’s like I am going to vape from a distance. It’s a great unit that provides flavor rich taste but I guess $100 dollars can be saved here

  3. Logan

    Tried this beast at one of my friend’s house and decided then and there that I am going to buy one too. Provides clean flavor-rich hits that you can’t get in pocket-sized vapes. One thing I’d suggest to the manufacturers is to mention different temperature settings in the manual for different vaping experience. Like low setting(180) you can set a much better flavor while at higher settings (250)are better suited for hard hitters.

  4. Michael Davis

    I am an avid vape user, after using pocket-sized vapes for years I wanted to try a desktop unit. As there’s always a word out among vape users about the volcano series, so I did my research too, its reviews are very convincing as well, so I got even more excited. Received my hybrid last week only and have to say that haven’t tasted dry herbs like this before, it’s is a whole different experience. Glad that I made the right choice.

  5. Alexander

    Must buy product, There’s nothing like it. I only wish that I had bought one sooner.

  6. William D Jones

    The only drawback of this one is I have to change the bag after a group session, like after 30-40 times. Otherwise, it’s flawless, extremely efficient, and provides great vape quality.

  7. Madison Lee

    I own a mighty vape which is a compact powerhouse. I never felt the need to upgrade it but since last year after I tried volcano hybrid in one of the cafes in Amsterdam, my whole perception of vaping has changed.

  8. Jackson

    Don’t bother going through the cheap ones, buy this desktop unit, and sort your vaping requirements for good.

  9. Jack Taylor

    Amazing product heats up quickly in about 30 seconds. For the flavor, nothing beats it. I have tried several vapes but nothing draws such a rich taste as a volcano, it’s a whole different experience.

  10. Joshua Miller

    Been three days I am just trying to figure out how to set the appropriate temperature settings. The vape isn’t forming as good as it says in the description. If anyone knows the correct temp. settings then kindly share …

  11. Isabella

    I used to be a heavy smoker for a long period of time, been2 years that I switched to vapes. I used a few other vapes for a period of time before moving on to the volcano hybrid. Have to tell there’s a huge difference in the experience. I have been saving up for this for over a month and it’s totally worth a buy.

  12. Emma

    This is a one-time investnet. Once you have bought it you won’t need another one neither you’ll like other vapes. This one delivers top vapor and flavor quality. Moreover toggling a few temperate settings will help you reach your preferred vape experience

  13. Ethan

    Kicks like a beast, feel like taking a step in the pond with angels. No kidding

  14. Olivia W

    Provides excellent vape quality, easy to clean, heats up quickly, can be easily customized. It just consumes a lot of material so I don’t use it a lot and still use my might vape most of the time. But yes no regrets.

  15. Emma Smith

    Bought this one after extensive research, the reviews looked promising and so is its vaping experience. I can move around different temperature setting to explore different flavors, the best thing is I can control it from my phone and put the vibration or the whole unit on or off or change temperature settings. Totally for the folks who want to have a real vaping experience

  16. Madeline Moore

    Tried this one through a friend. It’s great but eats up too much material, I could roll 4 cones in the same quantity of dry herb. Plus it’s like twice as expensive as and any high-end pocket vape.

  17. Addison Belly

    “It’s been a year using this product. Bought it as it came in the market. Have to say it’s a solid unit. It fell twice from the table like 4 feet high, nothing happed works just the same, of course, one should take more care but stupid clumsy me.
    However, if we talk about its vape quality, nothing in the market beats it that’s for sure, I have tried volcano classic too and arizer. None is close.”

  18. Hailey

    One hit as I am set for the day. I use it on the weekends only or on a free day. I am a fan of the rich flavor that it draws from the herb. I also own a pax 3, which is a great pocket sized unit but nothing beats this experience.

  19. Lily Perez

    No doubt about its quality and flavor, but I would prefer buying digital version as the Bluetooth app is a useless feature. I still don’t know why I would need it.

  20. Aiden

    Vaping with this one is like a dream. That’s all I ever wanted. I have been vaping for over a decade, ave tried many models, plenty, arizer and almost all hi-end pocked sized vapes. Other vaporizers are nowhere close to this one. This is the latest best we have in the vaping world. Yes, it’s a bit expensive but, worth it.

  21. Emma

    Of course, pocket-sized vapes have their own benefits and are easier to carry but they are no match to the vaping experience this one provides. It’s much superior draws out the true flavor from the herb, it’s easier to use and is built to last.

  22. Jayden

    This is an easy to use unit and provides dense vape even in the low temp settings. I used the classic version for a few years before upgrading to this one. Its temperature settings are accurate and easy to control, blue tooth app is straightforward and onset time is much much quicker, takes like 30-40 seconds to heat up while classic took over 5 minutes. It’s a solid one-time investment but will last for years, you won’t like or need anything else after buying this one.

  23. Joseph

    Volcano hybrids are the best desktop unit there’s in the market. I tried their plenty vape for almost a year and this one looks even more promising.

  24. Aaron.J

    After days of research on desktop vapes, I started and landed on a volcano hybrid. Finally received it yesterday and have to say it’s a beast. Dry herbs never tasted like this before.

  25. Kate Hessie

    The only issue I have with this unit is that it uses too much dry herb. One refill takes up almost a gram which would have lasted me for a whole day if I was smoking cones. And it’s too expensive for casual users. However, for group settings or occasional usage is a great one.

  26. H.Davis

    I tried to compare the quality of classic with this one and Volcano hybrid is definitely a much better model and an amazing upgrade. It heats up quickly and uses the material well. One session sets me up for the whole day.

  27. JenniferGreen

    I have to say this unit is made to last, like all other Storz and Bickel products, volcano hybrid delivers quality and is solidly built. I earlier was using plenty vape and also own an arizer. Always wanted to own a volcano vaporizer and now I have one. Looking forward to a fun summer ahead.

  28. C.Rose

    I never knew I’d be using its Bluetooth app so much. It’s simple to use, I can toggle the temperature settings and set it on or off through the app. Plus I liked the design, it’s simple and solid. I would have given a 5 star if it was $100 cheaper.

  29. J. Robinson

    Volcano hybrid extracts true flavors from the dry herb. The effects of one full bag last for hours and the taste is rich in terpenes. I have never smoked dry herbs this way before. Amazing vaping experience.

  30. Ben.Harper

    No doubt it’s a beast but I think it rips up the material a little too fast. However, if you toggle up a bit of the settings, you’d find it works much better at low temperatures. Delivers good flavor and consumes the product less.

  31. Ash White

    I was using volcano classic for over 5 years and just upgraded to hybrid. It’s 3 weeks since I am using this product and have to say I am much impressed with my experience. It’s easy to set up, its onset is quick, and provides a flavor-rich experience.

  32. EmmaBell

    I have been waiting to buy this one for quite a long time and have to say it’s better than what I expected. Vaping is so much fun with a volcano hybrid.

  33. Zoe Tyler

    Hybrids have an efficient convection system, it heats up the chamber within 30-40 seconds. This is much much quicker than its base model, which takes almost 5 minutes to heat up.

  34. SophieJ

    I have never been more satisfied with my dry herb experience before. The balloon takes only a few seconds to fillup after the unit is on. I can take it to my couch and consume the vapes slowly at my leisure.

  35. Evie95

    I received my volcano hybrid last week. Took a while to fully understand how the whole unit works. But it’s totally worth it, it works great at low temp settings and produces good quality vape.

  36. J. Thomson

    I’ve been clean for about a year now, and rely on vapes for all of my dry herb needs. I was using air vape x go which works great when I am outdoors. Though I always wanted to try desktop vapes and the reviews listed this one at the top. I am impressed after a month of use, it’s easy to operate, and delivers an amazing vaping experience.

  37. Ivy Jackson

    Thanks for the surprise, was eagerly waiting for this one and it arrived a day before I was expecting it. Looks great, excited to explore all its features on the weekend.

  38. Jack

    From my 3 years of vaping experience, this is the best I have had. The flavor is so rich you can taste it on your tongue even after half an hour. This is something which you do not get while smoking cones or bubblers. Baloon is better for flavor and whip can be for on the go usage.

  39. Thomas Smith

    I tried volcano hybrid through a friend and immediately thought that it could go well with CBD concentrates too. He was kind enough to lend me his unit for a week and I found that it delivers a rich vaping experience and allows to absorb the medical properties of the herb in a much better way.It has helped me with my arthritic joint and found that it is quite effective than the CBD liquids I was using. Planning to get one for my self soon

  40. Isabella

    Happy to receive my volcano hybrid, it looks just like the pictures and works even better. Just one session spend with hybrid sets you good for the whole night.

  41. Ruby miller

    I have been using CBD concentrates and dry herbs with volcano hybrid for 5 months now. This is the best way to use CBD products, the flavor is rich, and with the balloon, I can consume it slowly well within 10-15 minutes. It has helped me battle my anxiety issues. I use it occasionally and mostly rely on tinctures, but it works very well for me.

  42. Evelyn

    I rely on CBD e liquids and also use tinctures for managing my back pain. However, I tried drip pads with hybrid in a cafe for my CBD concentrates and was really impressed with the effects. So I decided to get one home. Received my package last week only and looking forward to exploring its features.

  43. Emily

    Volcano Hybrid is no doubt the most expensive vaporizer in the market, It’s the most technologically advanced vape unit too. Comes with a quick heating system and allows precise customization.

  44. SS. Walker

    Though there’s not much variation in the appearance of volcano classic and Hybrid. There’s a vast difference in their working. It’s a $200 difference but that’s worth it.

  45. J.Cale

    I initially was reluctant of using a vaporizer for managing my back pain. But it soon changed after I tried the volcano classic for the first time. I liked the flavor it dwells and I decided to buy one for myself. Did my research and ordered a Hybrid. I even am more impressed with this model and find the effects are helpful for my condition.

  46. Allen King

    The flavor is just epic. One issue I have with this one is that it consumes just too much of the material. A gram for a session is sometimes too much for a single person. But no complaints about its vape density and taste, and it’s great for group sessions.

  47. EmmaBell

    Thankgod hybrid comes with both the whip and bag, unlike digital which comes with just bags. This makes the whole vaping experience more versatile.

  48. KennyYoung

    I used to think desktop units would be for experienced users who have a great tolerance. But after using the volcano hybrid a few times, I got to know why it’s called the best. The experience is superior in flavor, taste, and quality of effects. I use easy valve as it takes up smaller quantities of dry herb

  49. S43Walker

    Never use the Bluetooth app, as it’s on unit controls provides me the customization I need. It’s just like the digital model with an additional $100 and a bluetooth app which you’ll never use.

  50. Allen

    Display and touch screen is an obvious difference between Volcano classic and hybrid. I am a fan of analog settings and like the knob they have on the classic model. But the upgrades on the hybrid are impressive and controls are user-friendly.

  51. Henry Lewis

    I like that it heats up pretty quickly. It’s easy to use and delivers good quality vapes. The new filling chamber is much much better than what they have in classic.

  52. Emma Lee

    The addition of tube kit has given the volcano hybrid a whole new dimension. Plus the Bluetooth app allows you to easily toggle the temperature settings.

  53. Perez

    Is overpriced and uses way too much of the material. I was using it yesterday and it just doesn’t seem to work on low-temperature settings. Works fine with the whip but still doesn’t deliver the vape quality they say it has.

  54. Molly Smith

    I reached out to my friend to ask him if which is the best desktop vaporizer. He straight away advised me to buy the volcano hybrid if I have the budget for it. Now I know what he was talking about.

  55. Lily

    Its bluetooth app provides precise customization settings. If you spend a little time with this unit you’ll find the taste and the feel changes with every 10 degrees rise or decline in the temperature.

  56. DaisyTyler83

    I am having the best vaping experience since I have received my volcano hybrid.

  57. Bailey

    One thing that stands true for Volcano vaporizers is that if it isn’t broken don’t fix it. Perhaps its solid build assures that it is going to last long and its ease of use makes it a great product for all kinds of users.

  58. Joseph.J

    “I received my vaporizer last week only. In the first few sessions, the tube smelled like silicon, which actually was not at all good in taste. Good to know that later it settled down and saved me from the disappointment.
    It’s a good vaporizer I believe but thinks simple things like these should be fixed in $700 product”

  59. Sadie

    Thanks for the filling chamber reducer, its a savior and provides a great experience even when it uses small quantities of dry herb.

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