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Cloudious is shaking up the industry with the revolutionary Hydrology 9 portable vaporizer. Meticulous craftsmanship is an instant indicator that the Hydrology 9 is a portable vape like no other. Leak-proof water filtration smoothes and cools your vapors, while the integrated oven stir tool ensures your materials are always evenly vaporized. Aircraft quality aluminum refuses to rust, the won’t leak, and the porcelain oven and borosilicate glass deliver premium-quality vapor.

Hydrology 9 is packed full of features, but its still a snap to use. Remove bottom cap/stir tool, and load your freshly ground herbs into the oven, being mindful not to load past the top line. To not pack too tightly. Replace cap/stir tool. Now unscrew the mouthpiece, and after ensuring all parts are tightly screwed down, fill the reservoir halfway through the top portion.

The Hydrology 9 comes apart for easy cleaning and maintenance. Simply unscrew all the parts, and clean all non-electronic parts with a microfiber cloth and isopropyl alcohol. Rinse all non-electric items with water to remove all traces of the alcohol. Allow to dry completely. The oven can be kept in prime operational order but using the included cleaning brushes to remove any buildup. Never bring the oven portion of the Hydrology 9 near moisture.

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Cloudious Hydrology 9 Review

Let's make one thing clear- Cloudious Hydrology 9 is one of the coolest vapes on the market. It is an exceptionally designed vape made of polished steel and glass which is bound to turn heads to matter where you carry it. It not only looks absolutely great, but it also has a horde of impressive features including filtration, an LED light show, an integrated stirring tool, precise temperature control, and a lot more. 

In a highly competitive market, Cloudious Hydrology 9 has definitely managed to make its mark. 

What is in The Box?

Hydrology 9

Loading/air intake adjustment tool 

Long & short cleaning brushes

AC adapter & USB cable 

Extra screens  

Build Quality

It looks and feels expensive. The build quality is exceptional and it is extremely durable too. You won’t be hurting the vaporizer anytime soon. 

It has a very unique style. It is shaped like a big cylinder that consists of four different parts. The base consists of the battery, the herb chamber, and the heating element. The glass chamber with the water, the mouthpiece, and the metal mouth cap. The whole thing has magnetic connections which means that assembly is easy. This is important as assembly and disassembly are usually the most time-consuming process especially when water is involved.  

One thing that did disappoint us is the heating element which is ceramic. There isn’t anything wrong with ceramic but it is conduction based which makes the end product a little less flavorful. 

Temperature Flexibility

The Hydrology 9 features 5 temperature settings. Each is denoted by a different glowing LED lighting up the vapor path.

The lights in ascending order are:






The catch is that there are 5 preset temperature settings but no one knows what the temperatures are. So, you can’t customize your experience. All you can do is test and try to figure out which temperature setting works best for you. 

Vapor Taste

Since this unit is clearly inspired by water pipes, you would expect some really great vapor production. But here this particular vaporizer does falter a little bit. 

At every temperature setting the Hydrology does manage to produce some vapor and it is easy on the lungs. For some actually, it might be a little too easy on the lungs. The flavor and the vapor are both pretty light. Which makes it great for beginners and people using for medical purposes. But for a veteran, it can be a disappointing experience as there are other vaporizers in the same price range that manage to provide a better taster. The effects are there, just the taste isn’t. 

All the water manages to do is lower the irritation you would usually feel from the draws and that’s it. 

Battery Life

The battery in a Hydrology 9  is not a replaceable one. But that is usually not a problem as the battery lasts for around an hour to an hour and a half on a full charge. 

It has a 2000mAH internal battery and this performance is standard for these.  The charge time is 2-3 hours which is definitely excessive in comparison to how long the charge actually lasts. 


Hydrology 9 has been marketed as a portable vaporizer, which I find slightly misleading. It is bigger than a standard can of Red Bull and it weighs about 16 ounces, both not the best dimensions for a portable vapor.  The shape makes it tough to put it in the pocket. But if you can live with that and choose to carry it in a bag then yes, Hydrology won’t disappoint you. 


Since it looks like a fancy water bottle at first glance, you might get away with carrying it in public settings. But the moment you try to use it, for sure it looks like a bong without a lighter. 

Hydrology 9 is not so discreet, but then it makes up with its great vapor performance and charming looks. So, if you are looking for a discreet vaporizer, then Cloudious Hydrology 9 won’t cut it for you. Otherwise it is a steal. 

Ease of Use 

It is fairly easy to use a Hydrology 9, what takes time is setting it up and packing it again, plus there is the added water element. No matter how much you try to make them play nice together, water and electronics rarely mix. I personally can’t leave water in the unit but the manufacturers do claim that it is perfectly safe to do so. 

Another problem is the capacity of the herb chamber. For how big the vaporizer is, one would expect the chamber to be a little bigger. One of its defining features-” the integrated stirrer” also falls flat because of this. The moment you want to use the stirrer, it is already time to reload. So, if you don’t like constant reloading, this can be a little tough. 

Final Thoughts

It is a beautiful, futuristic-looking vaporizer and it is natural that you might gravitate towards it when you first look at it. The price tag is justified by the product. It is a beautiful unit created with borosilicate glass and space-grade aluminum. The metal tube body is coated so that no water damage takes place. It is also pretty easy to use as it has five presets. 

So, if you want another addition to your vaporizers, this is a good choice even if it is just for aesthetic purposes.