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This vaporizer has an improved battery, better performance and that classic quality flavor you expect from DaVinci, the IQ is everything we and you were hoping for. This is a vaporizer built with high-quality materials, made for comfort and ease of use. Creating massive waves in the American vaping scene, get ready for something you've never seen before. Also it's compatible with a water tool using a 14mm adapter for even smoother hits.

Davinci IQ Vaporizer - Features

  • 3 Hour battery life when Vaping
  • 10-year manufacturer's warranty.
  • Bluetooth App technology with innovative "smart path" feature
  • Sleek design & haptic vibration
  • On demand boost mode for extra large hits
  • Removable/replaceable battery

10 Year Manufacturer's Warranty (DaVinci requests that customers contact them directly for any warranty claims, but we are happy to help you along the way. Contact us for more details.)

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In the journey from when DaVinci launched its first product to today has been one of growth. Today it is one of the most revered companies in the world of vaporizers. We will be having a look at the DaVinci IQ, a  user and critic favorite thanks to all its unique features. 

Davinci IQ comes with a companion application, which is not available to Apple users but that barely hampers its functionality. You do not require the application at all to operate the DaVinci IQ. You can easily change the smart paths, temperature, and a lot more with the controls available sans the application making it highly customizable. 

What’s In The Box? 

DaVinci IQ

Ceramic extract disc & dosage pad 

Extended & flat mouthpiece

Cotton pads & alcohol wipes 

Charging cable, manual, spare pick tool 

Dosage pad

How It Works

It is very easy to load the DaVinci IQ. Just open the door located at the bottom of the unit and pack the chamber with herbs and close it. You are ready to start vaping!

The IQ comes with two options for vaping. One is the precision mode and the other is the smart path.  You can toggle between the two right from the device and select whatever suits you better. If you are using the device without the application then you need to press the power button 5 times to turn it on. It will start on the smart path which will then allow you to set a temperature range to vape at. When the smart path is selected, it will begin at the lower end of the range and slowly climb to the highest over a 10-minute session. If you aren’t sure about the temperature you want to vape at, you can select from the 4 presets available on the device. People who have the application have the added advantage of fine-tuning the smart path to best represent their needs. 

If you are not too keen on using smart paths, you can always use precision mode to keep the temperature constant.

Temperature Flexibility 

There are multiple ways one can set the temperature in the IQ. This means there is a huge scope for you to get flexibility in terms of the temperature. The maximum temperature that you can achieve with the IQ is 222°C which is a decent temperature for people who enjoy vaping. 

Beyond the smart path and precision mode, the IQ also features a boost mode that is engaged by pressing and holding the power button. In this mode, the temperature rapidly increases to reach the highest possible temperature, This is great for people who wish to make the most of the herbs. 

All these options ensure that you have a highly customizable product in your hands. 


The IQ is the first vaporizer to feature an all-ceramic vapor path. This helps maximize the flavor as there are no additives along the way in the form of a different material. Even at lower temperatures, the draws are smooth and full of flavor. 

It is a conduction unit but the flavor is at par with a convection unit. The ceramic design also helps keep the vapor cool. The different modes also enable you to make the most of your herb.   


The quality of the build on the DaVinci IQ is better than the rest in the same price range. The whole device is made of zirconia, the best kind of ceramic available on the market. This means that you do not have to worry about damaging the air path during transportation. 

The IQ has top and bottom doors secured by hinges, which seem to be the only fragile components in the whole device. We aren’t sure if they would survive a drop, so be careful when you handle them. 

The display is a 51 light grid display that looks great but can be tough to read from certain angles and under certain lighting. To counteract this you do have a stealth mode that dims the display and makes it easy to read. 


At only 3.5 inches tall and 1.65 inches wide, this is a highly portable device. You can easily carry it in your pocket and not even notice it there. It is also very discrete. You get two different mouthpieces, a flat one for all your low-key sessions, and ceramic one that can be attached to a water pipe. 

No matter how you want to use the DaVinci IQ, know that it is built with portability in mind. 


The DaVinci is pretty easy to clean. Just empty the bowl after every use and clean out the chamber with the given brush. This will keep the overall maintenance low.

The one part that does need regular cleaning is the flavor chamber but since that is made of ceramic, you can just slide it out and drop it in isopropyl alcohol to clean. 


There is not much that is wrong with the DaVinci IQ but if one had to point it out it would be the battery life. The battery can last about an hour on a single charge, but one complete charge cycle can take about three hours to complete. This is not a concern if you use your vape constantly but it can be an issue for people traveling around with it. 

Final Thoughts

There are just so many things to love about this vape that it is impossible not to tout it as one of the best devices on the market. The price point might be a little high but the 10-year warranty and the overall experience it gives make it worth the investment.