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Compact, portable and powerful, the Titanium Grasshopper is a vape pen that utilizes cutting-edge technology. Designed to keep up with your active lifestyle, the Titanium Grasshopper is durable and ergonomic. Built for ultimate discretion, the device’s body mimics that of a high-end ballpoint pen so that you can easily, and stealthily, enjoy sessions on-the-go.

Identical to the Stainless Grasshopper in size, shape and function, the Titanium Grasshopper leads the pack thanks to its lightweight design and strong shell; the unique thermal properties of titanium allow for an even greater performance. Powered by a lithium-ion battery and 45 watt heater, the device heats up in 5 seconds. Choosing a precise temperature can be achieved by toggling through the adjustable temperature dial located on the top of the device; engineered with a wide temperature range of 266°F - 410°F (130°C - 210°C), the Titanium Grasshopper offers flavor profile exploration.


Normal use of your Titanium Grasshopper will cause the accumulation of residue in the chamber and mouthpiece. Your Titanium Grasshopper requires regular cleaning to prevent it from becoming clogged or damaged. To clean the Titanium Grasshopper follow the steps below:

    1. Fill a glass container with isopropyl alcohol. Remove the mouthpiece and place it in the isopropyl alcohol. 2. Wet a cotton swab in the isopropyl alcohol. Ensuring the device is cooled down, insert the swab into the heating chamber. Scrub the sides and bottom using a circular motion. 3. After soaking the mouthpiece, remove any remaining residue using a cotton swab. Allow both the heating chamber and mouthpiece to dry completely before usage.


Once the oven of the Titanium Grasshopper vaporizer is loaded, simply click the end of the device like a ball point pen. Rotate the dial to your desired temperature 266°F - 410°F (130°C - 210°C). When the indicator lights turn from red to blue in just a few seconds, the Titanium Grasshopper is ready to go! Draw from the tip and enjoy.

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    What is the temperature selection on this device?

    The grasshopper offers a wide temperature control berth to all its users. Since the temperature is set by a rotary dial, you get to fine-tune the temperature as per the herb you are using.

    How do you clean the Grasshopper?

    It is pretty easy to clean the grasshopper. You first need to disassemble the device and separate the mouthpiece which has the screen and submerge it and the body in isopropyl. For further clarity on the instructions, there is a user manual included in the box. 

    How long does it take for the battery to charge?

    It takes around 90 minutes for the unit to charge if it is completely drained.

    What is the loading capacity of the chamber?

    You can pack the chamber with about 1/4 teaspoon of herbs as the capacity of the chamber is 1.2cc