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The Vape Dynamics Hera 2 is a dual-purpose portable vaporizer for both dry herb and wax with an advanced microprocessor that empowers your vaping sessions with a variety of control settings.

Simply switch between herbal and extract modes using the digital interface and enjoy your favorite strains or waxes. With advanced hybrid heating, the Hera 2 vape delivers clean-tasting, potent, and smooth vapor.

A ceramic and stainless steel dual chamber conducts wax and dry herb with efficiency while hot air flows into the chamber, covering more surface area in the bowl. Choose between 100 different temp settings from 350F to 450F with precision temperature control, and enjoy 90 minutes of continuous vaping with a high capacity 2680mAh replaceable battery.

The Hera 2 is one of the most advanced portable vaporizers on the market, delivering the utmost in vapor quality with a seamless yet dynamic user experience.

Vape Dynamics Hera 2 Vaporizer boasts dual-material compatibility with a ceramic and stainless steel hybrid chamber. Herbal mode allows you to pinpoint a specific temperature between 350F and 450F, while extract mode features preset temps that are optimized for the most popular waxy oils and vapor profiles. As the hot walls of the chamber heat material, heated air spews in through tiny holes in the base plate, thoroughly vaporizing every millimeter of herb or wax. VapeDynamics included two different attachable mouthpieces for customizing your draw resistance.

The Hera 2 Portable Vaporizer features a powerful battery that gives you an impressive 90 minutes of vaporization. This Li-Ion battery is removable, so you have two charging options: removing the battery and charging externally or charging via USB with the battery inserted in the Hera 2. The high capacity 2680mAh power gives you immense control over your sessions with precision temperature control and optimized presets. Because the battery is replaceable, you can simply swap out a dead battery for a fully charged one to keep vaping.

Unlike most portable vaporizers, the VapeDynamics Hera 2 features a microprocessor that enables a number of control settings. Hera 2 features vibration notifications, informing your vape sessions, and the bright and clear OLED screen displays temperature, battery power, Herbal/Extract modes, and Fahrenheit/Celsius modes. LED lights on the side of the Hera 2 let you know what commands the unit is processing. This hybrid portable vape lets you enjoy the best of both worlds while giving you cutting edge control over your sessions.

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