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KandyPens has a reputation of being one of the more innovative vape companies and the Crystal, boasting a stronger-than-usual battery and innovative quartz bucket, is its latest brainchild. Coming in at around four inches in height the KandyPens Crystal is great for mobile vapers, and the 900mAh battery ensures you can session all day long without having to recharge. The borosilicate glass mouthpiece, innovative bucket coil design, and four temperature options work together to let you experience every aspect of your material.

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KandyPens Special K is a vaporizer exclusively designed for vaping all kinds of essential oils. It carries a 510 threading that makes it compatible with your favorite THC and CBD cartridges. Plus, with a fast-heating time, it offers a satisfactory vaping experience. With an array of different features, Special K is a convenient and versatile oil vaporizer. 

Design And Features:


KandyPens Special K is a dapper looking vape pen that features a high-end design and can easily fit in your front pocket. With a 510 connection, you just need to plug in the tank and you’re basically good to go. Plus, the casing that holds the oil tank has a slit to see the level of oil in the tank. So, you don’t need to remove the parts and check how much oil is left. 

Special K is not one of the those vaporizers that choose style over function. It provides an ideal balance of both. The creative design is on point for this compact vape and promises a vaping experience unlike any in this segment. 

Power Flexibility

The special K has three voltage settings: 3.2V, 3.7V, and 4.2V. Considering the size of the pen, this is an apt setting but at this price tag, better power flexibility would have been great. The 650 mAh battery is good for its size and can last for days but if you are looking for better power control, you might be slightly disappointed.

Ease of Use

Special K is pretty easy to use and this makes it one of the best oil vapes in the segment. You won’t have to read the instruction manual to operate it. With a single button interface and hassle-free operation, it is easy to use. Special K promises to deliver quality performance that is guaranteed to help you dive into a satisfactory vaping experience. 


Special K looks exactly like a pen and this means that you can easily carry it around. You can keep it in your front pocket and take it wherever you want to. It’s basically a on the go vaporizer that is easy to use. Just take off the cap and you’re good to go. You’ll just have to fill and attach the tank before you can start using the vape. 


KandyPen has designed this vaporizer to offer you a discreet vaping experience. The slim design means that you can easily slide it in your pocket and nobody would ever know that it’s a vaporizer. Along with this, the portability makes it an ideal choice for anyone who wants to dive into a discreet vaping experience. 

Vapor Quality and Performance:


Special K packs a good performance for its size. It just takes 3 seconds to reach the desired voltage setting. So, you can always expect to take a quick hit no matter where you are. Before you use the vaporizer, it’s a good idea to test a small amount of oil to check the flow and density of vapors. 

Vapor Quality

The quality of vapor depends largely on the type of oil you’re using. Plus, a lot also depends on the mechanism of the vaporizer. Special K has a simple interface with multiple voltage settings. At low voltages, the vapors are cool and smooth. On the other hand, if you hit the higher voltage setting of 4.2V, you’ll get denser vapors that are packed with more flavor although a bit harsh. If you are looking for an ideal balance, you can opt for the medium setting of 3.7V that provides optimum flavor and perfect vapor consistency. 

Battery Life

For its size, the 650 mAh battery is pretty decent. On full charge, it can last for days. On the flip side, it doesn’t feature a micro USB or USB-C charging. So, if you lose the original charger, you might run into a problem. If this doesn’t bother you, Special K is a good buy. 

The Overall Experience

KandyPen’s Special K is a great vaporizer if you are looking for a discreet vaping experience. The flexible power setting allows you to have active control on the quality and density of vapors. You can easily carry it around and vape on the go. The sleek yet stylish design ensures your experience stays discreet and away from unwanted attention. The overall vapor quality is great and you can actually feel the flavors of the herb. The high is smooth and better than you get from smoking a bud. Plus, the mechanism of the Special K ensures you use every drop of oil and dive into the beneficial properties of cannabis. 

A good battery life allows you to carry it around for days and this makes it ideal for short trips where you can’t plug in a charger. Summing up, Special K packs good power for its price and is a great buy.