Platinum CBD Oral Tincture – 3000mg CBD

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With 3,000mg of pure full spectrum CBD, our Platinum Label Tincture is one of the highest concentrated CBD tincture ever made.

Developed for users who require the highest possible dosage of CBD, our signature Platinum Label is a premium product that provides one of the world’s strongest medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.

Enjoy the many benefits of CBD with our great-tasting, all-natural CBD Oral Tincture. Naturally flavored hemp extract with a coconut oil base, our CBD  Oral Tincture can be administered directly by mouth or easily added to most food recipes.

With 3000mg of pure full spectrum CBD, our Platinum Label is a highly concentrated CBD tincture that offers almost immediate results. Developed for users who prefer not to vape but still require higher dosages of CBD, our signature Platinum Label is a premium product for those seeking a strong CBD Tincture. Our Platinum Label provides a strong medicinal alternative to medical marijuana.


Bottle size:
  • 30ml
PG/VG ratio:
  • No VG or PG
  • 3000mg Pure CBD
  • Non-GMO fractionated pure coconut oil

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Questions & Answers
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Are there any side-effects of using CBD tincture?

Although tinctures are deemed safe but there are some mild side effects that you may experience such as tiredness, loss of appetite, and fatigue.

Which one is stronger, a tincture, or an extract?

A liquid or fluid extract is more concentrated than a tincture. So, yes the extract is more stronger.

Are there any medicinal benefits of using tinctures?

There are several benefits of using tinctures. As it is drop by drop dosing, tinctures offer a great way to learn your MED (minimum effective dose). Also, it is quite a discreet method of consuming your daily dose of CBD. It has low calories so you don't have to worry about managing your weight.

What is the ideal time to take CBD tinctures?

Generally mornings are the best time to take CBD to stay focused throughout the day and keep your daily stresses at the bay.

Is CBD tincture better than CBD oil?

Comparing CBD tincture with CBD oil will be unjust as both have their own pros and cons. Where CBD oil can arguably be a better choice if you want a straightforward consumption method, a CBD tincture is more versatile and can be added to food and drinks more readily. So, basically it depends upon the user's requirements. Choose whichever suits your needs the most.