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The Puffco Peak is an electronic, smart e-rig that offers convenience and efficiency in a highly portable design. Controlled by a single button on the front of the device, the Peak features a handblown glass chamber that provides water filtration and vapor diffusion.

Battery-powered, the Peak delivers powerful dabs without the need of a torch. Fast and long-lasting, the battery fully charges in two hours and lasts for about 30 sessions.
With an average heat-up time of 20 seconds, this device has four unique heat settings that enable the user to explore a variety of flavor profiles and cloud sizes. Temperature feedback is delivered by a changing spectrum of light from the LED light band; the Peak vibrates when it’s hot and ready, and again when the heat cycle is complete, letting the user know that the bowl will slowly cool.

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What is sesh mode in this vape?

Puffco's sesh mode increases the temperature and extends the functionality initiating continuous vaporization for about 15 seconds allowing users to take multiple hits and pass around to your friends in circle.

Does vaping make your breath stink?

Although a vape may not leave you with the awful smoky smell left behind by cigarette, vaping can still cause bad breath but nothing significant.

How long does it take to fully charge the battery?

Puffco Peak takes about 2 hours to fully charge and lasts long enough to consume up to 30 dabs.

The Peak Background

Developed by Puffco, the Peak has been a game-changer for extract vaporizers. The innovative and compact design has earned a name for itself: hand-held dab rig. The Peak is similar to e-nail rigs but is easier to use and more convenient. Plus, you can vape while holding it in one hand which makes it highly convenient. This vaporizer carries the power of e-nails with the ease of vape pens. So, you can pass around your Puffco peak while you’re enjoying a chill session with your friends. The peak is electronic, torch-free, and features smart settings. 

Design and Features:


The name ‘Peak’ speaks about its resemblance to the mountain. The conical-shaped vaporizer surely offers the peak of vaping. The bubbler sits on a base and the entire design is just 7 inches tall and 3 inches wide. The compact size ensures you can easily hold it in your hand and pass it around.  

The water bubbler and ceramic wax receptacle are neatly integrated into the device. So, you won’t have to separate the component parts as in the case of e-nails. This makes the entire design very convenient and easy to use. So, if you like e-nails for their intensity but hate them because they are time-consuming, it’s time to switch to the peak. 

The Peak is designed for ease of use and features a single button in front that controls the temperature. Along with that, it even has a haptic setting that vibrates when the device heats up to the required point. The vaporizer also features a LED light strip that circles around the base. 

Build Quality

The Peak is made of borosilicate glass with the base made of sturdy, and durable silicone. This makes it resistant to heat and prevents it from cracking. The removable parts are also easy to clean. You just need to put the cleaning swabs in rubbing alcohol and wipe the ceramic bowl without any hassle. Similarly, you can clean the bubbler by pouring in the alcohol and rinsing it thoroughly with warm water. 

How to Use The Peak?

1) Detach the glass bubbler and fill it with water till it reaches the level of air holes. 

2) Now, fix the bubbler back into the base and press the power button for three seconds. This powers up the vaporizer. Next, press the power button again to go through the temperature presets. 

3) Take your wax, put it in the ceramic bowl, and cover it with a carb cap. 

4) Press the power button twice to kickstart the heating process. 

5) The vaporizer will vibrate and the LED will blink 3 times to signal that the heating process is complete. 

6) Inhale the vapors from the bubbler to start the vaping process. 

Vapor Quality and Performance:

Vapor Quality

When it comes to the quality of vapors, the Peak won’t disappoint you. The ceramic base and the presence of water keeps the smoke smooth. The flexible temperature settings give you active control over the heating process. You can glide through the preset temperatures to find your ideal setting and get the density of vapors you want. The Peak also has an automatic temperature calibrator that sets the temperature according to the size of the dab. Well, you even have the option of choosing your own temperature setting no matter what the size of the dab is. The peak allows you to customize based on the type of experience you are seeking. The flavors are dense and you will be able to get one step closer to the real feel of the herb. 

Vaporizer Performance

The Peak is packed with performance making it a top performer in its segment. It takes less than 30 seconds to heat up no matter what temperature setting you choose. This means you can get started with sessions in a flash. The placement of the ceramic bowl is such that it keeps the heat centered in its zone. So, this prevents the heat from spreading to other parts of the vaporizer and reduces the danger of possible burns. 

The Travel Case and Accessories

Most e-rigs come with a solid case and foamed interiors. Well, the casing for Peak feels better with the entire thing made of foam. It keeps your Peak, dab tool, carb cab, cotton swabs, and charger in place. The design ensures that you can easily carry it around without any possible hassle.

Quick Tips

Like most e-rigs, to dive into the best vaping experience, you need to be a bit patient with your approach. By this, we mean that start slow and keep a check on the amount of wax you’re taking. It’s a good idea to test a small amount before getting into the full vaping mode. This will give you an idea of the kind of effects it can deliver and you can adjust accordingly. 

Bottom Line

Although it comes with a high price tag, the Peak is worth every penny. The innovative design is unlike any other vaporizer in the market and this makes it a hot seller. So, grab it for a memorable cannabis experience.